About us:

ENCAUSTIC TILES is your UK specialist for  Encaustic tiles, also known as Moroccan tiles or Cement tiles, since 2013. We were featured in nearly all the main UK design magazines and even in the BBC show "DIY SOS THE BIG BUILD". Some of the top UK brands like OFFICE SHOES, WREN KITCHENS, DFS,  CROSSWATER, PARK PLAZA HOTELS, JOY THE STORE and many others have featured us in their advertising campaigns or used our premium Encaustic tiles  in their shops and hotels.


We stock 2,000+ sqm of the most sought-after Encaustic tiles which are available from the warehouse for immediate shipment. 


Our Encaustic tiles are handmade and of the highest quality. Prices from just GBP 76.00 imc. VAT / sqm! We deliver households as well as trade, architects, interior designers and entrepreneurs who like to install our Encaustic tiles (Moroccan tiles, Cement tiles) in their stylish shops, bars and restaurants. Please ask us for details.

What makes us so special beside the fact that our Encaustic tiles are of the highest quality and the prices are of the lowest in the UK? We pride our self in great customer service! We are there for you if you have any questions before and also after you bought them e.g in regards to cleaning them. Please see our reviews which confirm our great customer service. 

Comparing prices?
When comparing prices please take into account the outstanding quality of our Encaustic tiles Moroccan tiles, Cement tiles). Not all producers can offer the same quality that we do (materials used e.g. marble powder, cement quality, long lasting colour pigments and tiles matching together on pattern edges, once installed).

Why pre-sealed tiles? 

Pre-sealed tiles are easier and faster to install! As they are already sealed you do not need to wait one week before grouting takes place. However, you need need to seal them by yourself twice before and once after grouting above the tiles and also above the grout line for best protection.

Why not installing them outside?

We do not recommend to install handmade Encaustic tiles outside for these reasons: to avoid possible cracks as the tiles are not burnt but dried in the sun and therefore are not frost proof. Also they may get very slippery if it is wet and freezing at the same time. However, they are suitable in any area or room inside the house, even in the wet room (in contact with water) or as splash back (in contact with oil, grease etc.) as the quality of our Encaustic tiles and our recommended  sealer is excellent!


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89 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1DH 

T. 020 35148570

E. contact@encaustictiles.net

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Neue Bahnhofstrasse 1a  10245 Berlin

T. 030 4078 9979

E. kontakt@zement-fliesen.com

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