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Order a sample(s) of our Encaustic tiles!

If you find an Encaustic tile (Moroccan tile, Cement tile) with the pattern and colour you like you can order a sample of it to see if it fits your idea and plan.


If you have two favourites you can order two samples as well to compare them. Please note: We ship with UPS Express (the most expensive and most reliable delivery company in the UK) but sometimes our sample(s) arrive broken or chipped unfortunately as they do not get handled as they should. Therefore, we can not guarantee that your sample(s) will be in the same condition once arrived as we ship them and are unable to refund you for broken or chipped samples. Please be aware of this before placing your sample(s) order with us. Your main order however, will of course will be delivered securely on a pallet to avoid and breakage.

Yes, I like to order a sample(s):


1 Encaustic tile:    

GBP 12.00*

2 Encaustic tiles:  

 GBP 15.00*

 inc post + packing

* Will be credited if you order

7+ sqm Encaustic tiles

Please note: Prices are for UK delivery only. We will email you a Paypal link for your sample(s).