Patchwork Encaustic tiles

Encaustic tiles (Moroccan tiles or Cement tiles) laid as Patchwork are hugely popular. It gives your room are great look and it is something really special. The dimensions are 20x20cm and 1.60cm. We have three types of Encaustic tiles Patchwork: a colourful mix Patchwork which is the most popular one, a dominant blue Patchwork which is getting more and more popular and our classic stlyle black, grey and white Patchwork mix. 

Amir, Sandwich


"These tiles truly transformed our conventional room into a spectaculary unique space." Patchwork tiles in living room

Rachel, Islington London

"These new bathroom tiles are the highlight of our new flat. We were delighted to find them at such a reasonable price and delivery was quick, with effort made to fit in with our building schedule. Overall, very happy with product and service." Picture: Designer Cassidy Hughes

Kerry, Stoke Newington London


"We love it so much! We just placed another order of Barcelona 284 tiles for our living room."

Simon, Brighton


"We were very happy to find these tiles at a good price and in stock for a very quick delivery. We are delighted with the quality and they fit in wonderfully as the main focal point to our new bathroom. Thanks!"

Liam, Brighton


"We are so pleased with the way that the bathroom has turned out, and the tiles are the main attraction to whoever sees them, I'm so glad we chose the random pattern. The service and delivery was perfect form the company side and would recommend Encaustic Tiles (company) to everyone who is thinking of using them." 

Jane, Barford, Warwick


"We love the tiles - they've made our kitchen into such a bright and happy place to spend time in. We definitely made the right decision!"

Our three Patchwork styles:

Patchwork (colourful)

GBP 79.00 inc VAT / sqm

Patchwork (blue)

GBP 79.00 inc VAT / sqm

Patchwork (black, white and grey)

GBP 79.00 inc VAT / sqm

Get your handmade Encaustic tiles delivered within 7 days!


when you order 5+ sqm

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