Production of Encaustic tiles (Moroccan tiles, Cement tiles)

Our handmade Encaustic tiles (Moroccan tiles, Cement tiles) are all produced in the same way as they used to be decades ago. Every single Encaustic tile is unique that adds charm to this lovely interior product. Please have a look at what steps are needed to be taken to produce Encaustic tiles.


Step 1

In the first step mixture of German colour pigments, high quality marble powder and cement is put together.


Step 4

A layer of dry cement is added onto the surface to absorb some of the moisture.


Step 7

The artisan is then carefully removing the metal top.


Step 10

In the last step the handmade Encaustic tiles will dry out for several weeks to get stability.


Step 2

Then the metall grill for the pattern will be fitted into the frame.


Step 5

In step 5 a final layer of wet cement is then added to serve as a back side of the Encaustic tile.


Step 8

In this step he is then taking slowly the tile out of the frame.



Once the container with our handmade Encaustic tiles has arrived we unload and store them.


Step 3

In the third step the mixture is added in each section of this metal grill to create colourful patterns.


Step 6

Now the frame is placed into a hydraulic machine and all layers are pressed together.


Step 9

In the last step the artisan handles the still wet tile carefully and places it in a rack to dry out completely.


Ready to ship

Now the Encaustic tiles are ready for you to order and we will ship them the next day.